Understanding Casino Affiliate Statistics

First off, a warning, many people become addicted to checking their statistics to the detriment of doing other work. An unfortunate fact of life in this industry is that some people will try and rip you off if they think they can get away with it. Most terms and conditions state that they will be recorded in good faith and an affiliate can have them independently audited (at the affiliate’s cost) if they desire. Fat chance in reality and do auditors really find everything? Good excuse to wander down to the Caribbean though! You will be able to track click … Read more

Single And Multi Tier Casino Affiliate Programs

This difference affects the amount you can earn and for some people the income from their 2nd tiers onwards actually outweighs the amount they receive from their own efforts. There is no hard and fast rule as to what casinos and sportsbooks offer what programs. It is more consistent across software suppliers, in that some suppliers build multi tier capability into their software and others don’t. Most sportsbook only sites don’t offer multi tier unless they have outsourced their affiliate program to a third party. SINGLE TIER The most basic form and involves you being paid for all players you … Read more

Site Creation

Above all else, your site must look professional. That is, it should be neatly laid out, easy to read and navigate, not have broken links, and spell checked thoroughly. On this last point, get some-one else to read it all as you will have become too familiar with it by the time you are ready to launch it. As tempting as it might be to include all the latest functionality, not everyone will be able to see it, or even appreciate it. Skip the flash intros please, and no sound either. As annoying as it might be to design around … Read more

Search Engines And Directories For Casino Affiliates

The basic difference between the two is the human element. Some-one will review your site and add it to a directory, where as a spider crawls across the web indexing sites automatically to add to a search engine. When first starting out, don’t get bogged down in reading all you can about search engine optimisation and how to get the number one listing, because you will never get your site finished. Browse a few sites (some are on the Affiliate Resources page) and get a general idea. That said, make sure you understand how to submit a site to Google. … Read more

Email Marketing for Gambling Websites

Email Marketing Explained Every successful internet marketing expert will tell you that the first thing you should do is start collecting email addresses from your visitors. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to market, most people won’t buy on the first visit. You will need to remind them of reasons why they should purchase from you or follow your recommendation. This is where email marketing is used. Marketing a gambling portal by email involves keeping your visitors up to date about new casinos, current bonuses, tournaments and any other offers that may interest them. Just why is email marketing … Read more

Casino Marketing

If you thought that getting into casino and sportsbook affiliate programs was about technology then think again. It is about marketing. You can build the best site with flash animation, fancy javascript and more, but if no one knows about it, then no one will visit it. Traffic is important but targeted traffic is more important. You are not being paid for banner impressions or page views so you need to get gamblers to your site. Always think about this when trying new marketing initiatives. You need to provide content that will attract people in the first place, and then … Read more