Casino and other gambling affiliate program reviews

Online gambling has been around since the mid to late 1990s. In that time it has matured into an industry that can provide a good income to gambling affiliate webmasters. Provided they are willing to put in the effort. It is not as easy as it was in the early days. Low barriers to entry make it easy to create your own online casino affiliate website. Or maybe sports are more your style so you create a website geared toward sportsbettors and featured online sportsbooks with affiliate programs.

Regardless of the online gambling niche you choose to target, it is important to choose the right gambling affiliate programs. If you go the revenue share over the CPA route (and in most cases you should) then it can provide a good recurring income. Of course you will only continue to be paid for you player activity of the affiliate program is still around. So choose you online gambling program partners wisely. Read the online casino affiliate program reviews, make your choices and then promote!

Low barriers to entry make it easy to create your own online casino affiliate website

There are so many horror stories of programs that have disappeared overnight and simply stopped paying their partners. Others decided to change program terms retroactively, which is simply unethical and immoral. Don’t let those stories stop you though. There are still many good gambling partner programs out there that have been around for years and continue to pay month after month. What you are looking for is a good partner to work with, not just one who pays the highest percentage. On that note, 45% isn’t always 45% either. Make sure to always read the terms and conditions and work out deductions like administration fees. Some programs advertise high revenue percentages only to effectively halve it once ‘fees’ are applied.

Casino Affiliate Programs

Casino affiliate programs are the mainstays for many webmasters. They have been around since the early days of online gambling in general. Of course many of them have come and gone over the years. One that has been around since almost day one is Slotland and you can read the Slotland Casino Affiliate Program Review and make a decision whether it is a good fit for your website.

Another that offers a large number of properties to promote is Rewards Affiliates and you can see our summary of the Rewards Affiliates program. If none of those suit your needs you can always scan the full list of casino affiliate programs.

Casino Affiliate Programs

Sportsbook Affiliate Programs

Online sportsbooks don’t tend to offer programs and terms as good as the online casinos. That said, there are a few that make it well worth while to promote, even if your online gambling website does not focus primarily on sportsbetting.

One such program is Intertops. See the Intertops Sportsbook Affiliate Program Review and judge for yourself. They have been around since 1996 and one of the few not to see a massive scandal erupt. Many others have and are no longer around and player bases just disappear.

The list might not be long, however, you can view all the sportsbook affiliate program reviews to see a selection of those worth promoting.

Sportsbook Affiliate Programs

Poker Affiliate Programs

Making money from poker affiliate programs is a tough ask these days. Unfortunately it was a race to the bottom for many gambling webmasters because of the introduction of rake back. Whilst the players might be loyal, the amount earned per player is not as high as other online gambling options.

Have a look through the Online Poker Affiliate Program Reviews and see if you think it’s worth your while to promote the online poker rooms. Perhaps just as another section of your online gambling website.

Poker Affiliate Programs

Help For Online Gambling Affiliates

Back in the good old days in the late 1990s / early 2000s it really was a can of build it and they would come. The search engine optimisation game was so much easier. That said, we were competing with keyword stuffers, pixel stuffers, etc and so it wasn’t all roses. Add in that the online gambling industry was new and attracted a lot of fly by night operators who would promise the world and deliver very little. You can read about a few of the worst gambling affiliate programs for a little history.

Speak to any of the original group of online gambling webmasters and they will have numerous stories to tell of being ripped off my unscrupulous casino and sportsbook owners. Add the online poker room owners to the mix once that popularity increased as well.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. The one thing that makes gambling affiliate programs attractive is the lifetime revenue. This can truly make it a passive income business if you work with only the best operators. Of course you will earn even more if you treat it as a proper business rather than a passive side hustle. It is good it you wish to take a day off here and there and still earn though! Not like that hourly wage job where if you don’t work you don’t earn.

The icing on the cake is many of the programs offer more than one tier. So if you sign up other gambling webmasters then you will earn a small percentage of their revenue. A warning though, most treat this as a second class offering and barely even remember it’s in the terms and conditions. Read more about the gambling affiliate tier types.

To immerse yourself in the whole gambling affiliate program space, be it casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, bingo halls or other types of online gambling then start at the Affiliate Help section and work your way though to see if this industry is something that might work for you.