Single And Multi Tier Casino Affiliate Programs

This difference affects the amount you can earn and for some people the income from their 2nd tiers onwards actually outweighs the amount they receive from their own efforts. There is no hard and fast rule as to what casinos and sportsbooks offer what programs. It is more consistent across software suppliers, in that some suppliers build multi tier capability into their software and others don’t. Most sportsbook only sites don’t offer multi tier unless they have outsourced their affiliate program to a third party.


The most basic form and involves you being paid for all players you direct to the casino or sportsbook directly from you site. Through your marketing efforts the potential players are directed to the site and if a webmaster follows you link, signs up for the program, and markets the site you don’t receive any extra income.


This is based on the traditional network marketing concept whereby you market the casino or sportsbook and in addition you market the affiliate program and receive a percentage of the sub-affiliate’s income. This is also known as your downline. The link formats are sometimes different and it involves you including the webmaster link in your site. The percentage you are paid for your downline is much less than for your first tier and usually in the range up to 5%. Most programs seem to be two, five or ten tiers. Think of it as a pyramid and you will see the idea.

Potential webmasters payments are not affected because they are sub-affiliates and in many cases they may not even be aware of it. They will still receive their full payment and you will receive a percentage of their income. It is a cost to the casino or sportsbook that is justified because of the extra people out their marketing the casino or sportsbook.

So in conclusion, why not help out your fellow webmasters and sign up under an affiliate link. In the end that is one of the reasons for this site, but as with marketing to players, you have to give them a reason to sign up under you, such as providing useful information at the same time.