Casino Affiliate Tips And Hits

Here’s just a bunch of tips that are in no particular order and have are based on mine and other webmasters’ experiences. Feel free to disagree with some as they may be personal, and some may seem like common sense, however, we all need to be reminded every now and then. If it smells fishy it probably is. Casino and sportsbook websites with spelling mistakes, pages not found and forms that don’t work are probably best left alone. If they can’t pay someone to ensure their site works and looks professional, how are they going to pay the players and … Read more

Gambling Affiliate Resources

ASSOCIATIONS GPWA – The Gambling Portal Webmasters Association is a private forum for gambling portal owners to discuss all topics elevant to running a gambling portal. DOMAIN NAME REGISTRARS GoDaddy – Good discount source of domain names and other services such as email and hosting. EMAIL MARKETING Constant Contact – maintain your opt-in email list for a small monthly fee. Test it out for free. Vertical Response – maintain your opt-in email list and charge based on each email you send. Test it out for free. FORUMS Affiliate Guard Dog – Good gambling affiliate forum with an active community and … Read more

Affiliate Networks

In addition to the various casino affiliate programs and sportsbook affiliate programs, there are a number of affiliate networks that bring together a range of separate programs. The benefits are a combined payment each month, statistics can be tracked as one (albeit with breakdowns per program) and in most cases the programs enjoy better reputations, although this is not always the case. If merchants aren’t able to run their own program then they usually sign with one of the networks. Listed below are the main ones. Some focus on geographic areas and others tend to focus on certain types of … Read more

Gambling Affiliate Help

This section provides more in depth comments that the affiliate tips. The subjects discussed below will affect how much you earn from your sites. COOKIES Find out about how the casino or sportsbook uses cookies. Some place a cookie on the potential player’s computer that expires after 30 days. That’s great if the player clicks through your site, thinks about it, then signs up a couple of weeks later. But it’s bad news if there is already a cookie from another affiliate site on their computer already. Ever wondered why some portals have a pop up that shows the whole … Read more

Casino And Sportsbook Affiliate Basics

Casino and sportsbook affiliate marketing can be confusing to begin with, because of all the acronyms. To add to the confusion there is no consistency with some of the terminology. For example, net win on some sites might be after all charges and on others it might be before charges such as royalties and merchant fees. Therefore, as mentioned in other areas, make sure you read the terms and conditions. That 40% starting percentage might not appear as good once you subtract all the charges. So let’s start explaining a few things – COST PER ACQUISITION or CPA means you … Read more

Worst Casino Affiliate Programs And Sportsbook Partner Programs

Affiliate Edge – In the space of a few months, Affiliate Edge (formerly CWC Affiliates) has gone from one of the best to one of the worst. Owners taking each other to court, non-payment of affiliates, long time staff leaving after not agreeing with new management and to top it off, a terms change where they didn’t bother to notify the affiliates! A quota was introduced that makes it possibly the WORST casino affiliate program around at the moment. Affiliate Lounge – In late 2008 they introduced a term about sub-affiliates that was impossible to comply with and the affiliate … Read more