Worst Casino Affiliate Programs And Sportsbook Partner Programs

Affiliate Edge – In the space of a few months, Affiliate Edge (formerly CWC Affiliates) has gone from one of the best to one of the worst. Owners taking each other to court, non-payment of affiliates, long time staff leaving after not agreeing with new management and to top it off, a terms change where they didn’t bother to notify the affiliates! A quota was introduced that makes it possibly the WORST casino affiliate program around at the moment.

Affiliate Lounge – In late 2008 they introduced a term about sub-affiliates that was impossible to comply with and the affiliate manager was untimely with responding and twelve months later it still hasn’t been fixed. On top of that in October 2009 they introduced new terms that remove dormant players from affiliates which goes against their “lifetime revenue” claim. They also introduced a five new player minimum in a three month period. Minimum quotas are rubbish and the excuses they are coming up with are hilarious. Once again, affiliates should not be penalised if the casinos can’t do their job and convert the visitors we send to them. So based on all this, Affiliate Lounge make an appearance on the Worst Affiliate Programs page.

Bwin.Party Partners – The original Party program used to be a decent one and over the years has gone downhill to the point that it is up there will the one above. Bwin don’t seem to understand the affiliate model and would prefer to alienate them rather than work with them. So, they have the dubious honour of being listed as one of the worst affiliate programs because they kick affiliates out of their program, change terms and don’t bother to answer emails after sending threatening ones in the first place.

Villa Fortuna Affiliates – If you arrived at this page from the Villa Fortuna Affiliates review then you deserve an explanation. Villa Fortuna Affiliates and the property Villa Fortuna Casino is apparently owned by the same people who own Grand Prive, so see the next paragraph. Call this one guilt by association or whatever you wish, however, any group that does what Grand Prive did doesn’t deserve to stay in business so if they operate under other names/business then they will also be listed here.

Grand Prive – without a doubt, one of the lowest online gambling groups around and an easy decision to put on this worst affiliate programs page. The close their affiliate program regardless of the fact they had agreements with affiliates to offer lifetime revenues. The casinos are still operating and include Grand Bay Casino, Lake Palace Casino, Jupiter Club Casino and Roadhouse Reels. Please stay away from this group because if they treat their business partners in this way it doesn’t look good for the players either. UPDATE – as of 2 April 2010, Grand Prive has changed software providers and now use BetOnSoft Gaming software. Still stay away.

Casino Pays – Well, this program has finally made my worst list and in fact just might head it up. Despite my affiliate manager telling me that sorting out my outstanding earnings was a priority, it’s been months now and they still haven’t bothered. All very nice whilst trying to get me to increase exposure then when things got tough they disappeared. Combine all this with their spamming and refusal to deal with it and they end up on this page.

Carte Blanche Casino – owes me affiliate payments from April 2001 and have ignored all email requests.

Casino King Tut – along with EZBets, this casino used to be operated by Betspay who were unable to reconcile my affiliate statistics when they showed I was owed over $1,000. Payment was never received.

C-Planet – Can’t access the stats, links not working, emails unanswered. Enough said and glad it was less than $100 owed.

EZBets – along with Casino King Tut, this casino used to be operated by Betspay who were unable to reconcile my affiliate statistics when they showed I was owed over $1,000. Payment was never received.

Gem Casino – owes me affiliate payments from April 2001 and have ignored all email requests.

PaySports – So much promise and so little ever delivered. The sportsbooks represented are highly respected and why they would choose to associate themselves with this program is incomprehensible. The affiliate manager takes three to four days to reply (except to confirm that my account had been closed when I asked why I couldn’t log in) and shows no regard for the affiliates. They closed my account (they were concerned with the fraudulent activity of some of my referrals) without notifying me in writing which it states they must do in their terms and conditions. I guess they were happy for me to continue promoting their sportsbooks with the knowledge that they wouldn’t need to pay me. Their support email address as shown on their site doesn’t work and their contact form times out before the information is sent.

Play Ball Casino – owes me affiliate payments April 2001 and after acknowledging my first email, it still remains unsolved.

Roxy Affiliates – closing affiliate accounts against the terms of their agreement based on not having sent enough players. This helps them avoid having to pay out the lifetime earnings on past players.

Sexy Sports Casino – owes money to me for affiliate payments from April 2001. I have sent numerous emails requesting payment all of which have gone unanswered. They are part of the Global Interactive group (www.globalinteract.com) who have also ignored all emails.

St Kitts Casino and Sportsbook – owes me money for affiliate payments dating back to 2001. They have not replied to any of my emails.

Wager Affiliate – back on the worst list even after their relaunch. Zero conversions, tracking problems and as at the time of writing their site is not accessible.

2beton.com – owes me money for affiliate payments dating back to September 2001. New ownership caused this once good sportsbook to fall from grace with gamblers and affiliates.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and is being added to as necessary. Other good sources are the not recommended lists at other portals, as a good indication of a second rate affiliate program is if the casino or sportsbook is also alienating their players.

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