Record Betting on State of the Union Address As Posts Odds on Bush’s Ovations

January 9, 2006 – Online gambling giant announced today that it has recorded its highest volume of betting action on political wagers since entertainment-betting offerings were introduced on the site five years ago., already the largest supplier of pop-culture and entertainment wagers in the thriving billion-dollar online gaming industry, has a number of political wagers posted surrounding President Bush’s upcoming State of the Union address, slated for Jan. 31, 2006. These wagers include:
1. While applause indicates support, standing ovations show enthusiastic support. For President George W. Bush’s 2006 State of the Union address, how many standing ovations will he receive?

– 0-15 Standing Ovations at 5/1 odds
– 16-30 Standing Ovations at 4/1 odds
– 31-40 Standing Ovations at 3/1 odds
– 41-50 Standing Ovations at 5/2 odds
– 51-60 Standing Ovations at 3/1 odds
– 61-70 Standing Ovations at 6/1 odds
– 70 or more Standing Ovations at 8/1 odds

2. During President George W. Bush’s 2006 State of the Union address, how many times will the President say the following words: Iraq ? Evil ? Patriot Act ?

– For the word Iraq, 92% of betting action is on the President using the word “Iraq” 16 or more times at 7/2 odds
– For the word Evil, 80% of betting action is on the President using the word “evil” 0-2 times at 2/1 odds
– For the words Patriot Act, 55% of betting action is on the President using the words “Patriot Act” 6-9 times at 3/2 odds

The State of the Union Address falls between Christmas and the Super Bowl – a time when the White House is typically accorded center stage in the political theater of Washington, D.C. Each year, the President reports on prime-time television on the status of the country, outlines his administration’s accomplishments from the previous year, and outlines his legislative proposals for the upcoming year to a joint session of the U.S. Congress.

“You can bet that the carefully crafted address, which the presidential speech writers have spent months preparing, will include references to the political hot topics such as Iraq and the Patriot Act, while highlighting the White House’s upbeat and optimistic plans for the future, ” says Calvin Ayre, Founder and CEO of “We are happy to offer an exciting and entertaining medium in which members of the general public can test their abilities to make political predictions.”

Among a host of other political proposition wagers on, bettors can wager on whether the U.S. Patriot Act will be renewed by Feb. 3 and on how many years lobbyist Jack Abramoff could be sentenced to prison. Currently, 70 percent of the bets are on a prison term of 8-15 years for Abramoff., located in San Jose, Costa Rica, is federally licensed by the Costa Rican and UK governments. One of the pioneers in the field, is the top-ranked US facing online gambling brand, with highest site traffic amongst multi-product US gaming web sites according to Hitwise.