Jolie confirms pregnancy…now what?

January 12th, New York – With Angelina confirming her pregnancy rumors, it’s safe to say the couple that once denied any foreplay past Mr. and Mrs. Smith are officially a pair. Obviously, the adoption papers that gave both Maddox and Zahara Brad’s last name were a good indication, but in Hollywood you need a pregnancy or a marriage to be certain. Sportsbook, a leading online gambling site with over 20 years of experience, decided to avoid the typical boy or girl probability and give the odds on more important questions – like what are the chances the public will see a marriage before the bouncing baby is born or what are the odds Jolie will leave Pitt for her ex-lesbian lover Jenny Shimizu?

What will be the next announcement about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

– Pitt and Jolie will announce wedding date – 1 to 1.35
– Pitt and Jolie will split – 2 to 1
– Jolie leaves Pitt for Jenny Shimizu – 2 to 1
– Pitt will leave Jolie and go back with Jennifer Aniston – 3 to 1
– Jolie will announce she is leaving acting to be full time Mom – 1.5 to 1
– Pitt will announce he is leaving acting to be full time Dad – 2.5 to 1
– None of the above – 1 to 100

“This child is going to be the prince or princess of Hollywood,” said Mickey Richardson, CEO of “You have two very attractive ‘A’ list celebrities having a baby; this is going to be one extremely coveted kid.