Casino Affiliate Programs and Sportsbook Partner Programs

Many of the casino partner sites splash banners saying you can earn thousands with very little effort. That’s just not true. Yes there may be a few webmasters earning six or seven figure incomes but that has come from lots of hours researching programs, designing and maintaining sites, and marketing them to the world. Just because some actors make ten million dollars a movie doesn’t mean all actors make that much. Same goes for affiliate marketing, you have to be interested in what you are doing and be good at it, or at least learn how to be good at it.

Well I’ve probably scared a few of you by now and if you think it all sounds like too much work then best to leave now. The industry and the online gamblers have become more educated and want more than just banner farms. In fact many programs review your site before being accepted and they won’t allow banner farms. Closely related to this, you must have your own domain name and not use a free service. If you can’t afford the few bucks to buy a domain name and the monthly hosting then you shouldn’t enter affiliate marketing, (unless you plan to do it via email or offline). People don’t look on free sites with credibility and that is what you need to show in order to get people to accept your recommendations and click on the links to the casinos and sportsbooks.

As said earlier, it’s not the most reputable industry in the world. You always need to be on the lookout for suspicious indications. You will spend enough time working at this so why waste time with people who are just going to rip you off. The casino and sportsbook operators will try and rip you off, the gamblers will try and rip you off, and other webmasters will try and rip you off. That said, there are also a bunch of honest people and I have made some great contacts and friends with people from each area. Stick with them and it will be both rewarding and profitable. Nothing beats getting a check in the mail, or an email from a visitor complimenting you on the site.

I’m not a lawyer and I won’t attempt to cover the legalities of the online casino and sportbetting activities. Suffice to say that you should check out what is legal in your area before you start. There are a number of factors you need to consider such as whether residents of certain countries can participate in online gambling, can you market to residents in your country, and whether the casinos and sportsbooks are licensed (and by a decent jurisdiction, not some out of the way country where a few thousand dollars will buy a ‘license’). This last issue is extremely important because there are too many unlicensed and unregulated operators out there. You want your visitors to enjoy their experiences at the casinos and sportsbooks so they will keep going back. Remember the marketing adage that it is easier and more cost effective to sell to your existing customers than to new ones.

So there’s a brief introduction and in the other pages you will find heaps of useful information to make your casino and sportsbook affiliate marketing career a success.