Affiliate Lounge Affiliate Program Review

Not many programs listed here get special comments such as this, however, the actions by Affiliate Lounge with regard to the way they have changed their terms and conditions effective October 2009 warrants these comments. They have basically broken their agreement with their affiliate partners and are seeking to remove dormant players from the affiliates. Of course the result is obvious and if the player then returns, no money is due to the affiliate on the new play. The absolutely stupid part is that the affiliate manager posting on the GPWA and CAP forums says that after the player has been dormant for that long it’s unlikely they will return anyway. So they are putting in a clause with no upside to themselves and potentially alienates affiliates.

The other change is introducing quotas and affiliates now have to get a minimum number of signups or face termination from the program. As many other programs have tried to do, and most failed and retracted it, all affiliates can do is send qualified visitors and it is up to the casinos/sportsbooks etc to get the conversion. With minimum quotas all it is doing is penalising the affiliates if the casinos etc can’t do their job properly and convert the visitors to signups.

Therefore, avoid working with Affiliate Lounge because they do not honour their agreements with their partners. Affiliate Lounge has been merged into the Betsson affiliate program so avoid them as well.